The ADE Golf Tournament is a vibrant new style golf event that takes place during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) at The International Golf Course in Amsterdam. It brings together participants from various backgrounds, including music industry professionals, artists, sponsors and partners, for a day of golfing, music and networking.

With two editions already under its belt, the tournament has established itself as a highlight of the ADE calendar. Despite unpredictable weather conditions, the tournament consistently creates an electric atmosphere filled with camaraderie, friendship, and competitive spirit.

Supported by prominent sponsors such as Porsche Amsterdam, Absolut Vodka and Samsung, along with dedicated organizing partners and the fantastic team at The International, the tournament offers an unforgettable experience for all involved.

The 2024 edition on October 18th promises to take the event to new heights, with plans to enhance the overall experience and further strengthen partnerships. Whether it's enjoying a round of golf, forging new connections, or simply soaking in the energetic ambiance, the ADE Golf Tournament is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about music, sports, and the dance community.



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